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Why the negative feedback on Magniworks?

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There are some blueprints on internet that will help you create a magnetic energy generator for free. I  warn you if you choose this way your generator might not be totally safe and it from what I tested many if not all of them don’t produce the same results as Magniwork generator.  It’s one of those things that make Magniwork so much more special. It has dominated the market for past 5 years!

It’s very hard to find a product in any market that has been on top for so long.  Magniwork has gotten some negative comments in the past, but the positive feedback is much, much, much larger. I also noticed that a lot of those comments came from people who never build a magnetic energy generator. I even tried contacting them by email to find out why they didn’t like it or why it “seemed” not to work. Guess what none of them ever get back to me. Maybe it’s those huge companies that don’t want you to find out about the reality of magnetic energy.

I mean come on, how the heck a product that is hottest selling in a market for 5 years be a scam. Also if you find it not satisfying Clickbank guarantees you your money back no questions asked.

You had most likely already read my story on the main page (f you didn’t go ahead). I hope your experience with magnetic energy generators will be as good as mine or even better.

Written by Luke

January 8th, 2011 at 2:03 pm

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