Magnetic Energy Generator

Magnetic energy – A way to obtain free energy

How do magnetic energy generators work?

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If you are really skeptical about how do magnetic energy generators work there is tons of videos presenting the idea behind it. Just go on YouTube or search Google for it.

I will try to portray the basic concept behind obtaining this energy. Magnets of opposite or similar polarities are facing each other. Using this technique perpetual motion can be created by attraction and repulsion. This motion than is converted into energy and then electricity. The magnetic energy generators use a little of that energy to stay in motion the rest is yours and free.  A good example of similar method is used in the famous Maglev.

At first you can use it to run some small stuff like your pc or to charge your phone for example. Than you can even move up and have your whole house powered up.

The funny thing is that this technology was researched almost 100 years ago and now it’s starting to have an impact on our world. I strongly believe that magnetic energy is the way that we as humans can obtain infinite and renewable energy.

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January 6th, 2011 at 1:04 am

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