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Is the magniwork a scam?

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That is what I thought at first. This cannot be for real it has to be a scam? If it was not all our population would be using magnetic energy and the world would be a fantastic place. I will unfortunately have to burst your bubble all the patents to generators like this are already bought by huge companies that want you to pay for energy. So the only way to get a generator is to build one.

A lot of sites are stating that this is a scam; I tried to contact those people to get more info – never got back from them. It was only around 40 bucks so I gave it a try + the two months back guarantee. I personally have to say this is not a scam. Magnetic energy can be obtained and it’s very easy.

Of course if you build your generator to be a size of a 5L water bottle it will not be able to sustain your whole house, but it will easily power up your pc or TV for example.

Also Magniworks is the hottest selling product in renewable energy market for the past five years! With so many satisfied costumers how come this so called “scam” could stay on top for this long?

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January 6th, 2011 at 1:02 am

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