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Magnetic energy – A way to obtain free energy

Magnetic Energy – A skeptic’s story on magnetic energy generator

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Attention! Wondering how you can manage to power up your house using Magnetic Energy Generator?

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My name is Luke and I used to pay huge power bills. One day a friend of mine told me about  magnetic energy generator. That use magnets to create mechanical energy. Than we transform mechnanical energy from perpetual motion device into electricity. He also showed me how I could make one by myself. To be honest it was child like easy!

He told me to pick up blueprints for magnetic generators. I was pretty skeptical in the beginning

The Magnetic Energy

My First Steps Into Magnetic Energy

At first I thought my friend must be kidding me. I mean come on if it’s so easy to get free energy why doesn’t our population use it 100% of the time? After some reading the answer was clear – money. I was shocked that the huge companies could buy the patents and keep the secret for themselves.  So now the only way to get a magnetic energy generator is to make one by yourself.

I’m not a genius, I’m actually a high school dropout and the manual was very easy to understand. It took me few hours to get one of the generators build. The first one was very small so it produced only a little bit of electricity. Then after understanding the basic concept behind it I had built a bigger one, one that sustains my PC and few other objects. I was really amazed how easy it is to produce free electricity.

I didn’t manage to power up my whole house just yet, but I can tell you that my pc + some other stuff (like phone charging ) is running on this neat magnetic energy. It has cut my billing expanses by almost 40% this month.
The funny thing is that this technology is very popular. Magniworks has been on the market for 4 or 5 years now and it is still the hottest selling product in renewable energy section. Millions people around the globe are using these generators right now. I’m not talking only USA, the leading place right now is Australia.

Magnetic Energy Generator and Alternative Renewable Sources

If you are serious about cutting your power bill by substantial amount or even completely getting rid of it. This is the best alternative energy I had found. Of course we can get solar or wind to power up our house. That way is very expensive to set up and you are not guaranteed to have energy 24/7. Getting solar planes or a wind turbine is a good idea as a secondary measure, but I don’t think you will save money this way. If you are serious on saving money on your power bill you might want to look at some free methods of doing this. Turning of your light after leaving a room for more than 30 seconds or turning off your TV and PC before going to bed. There are tons of methods like this on internet, but they will only help you in a small amount and you need to have a lot of discipline to follow them.Magnetic energy Generators in the news

It’s weird that many people give it a lot of negative comments after the product had so much success. I am not sure if these criticisms are politically inspired by other companies that make devices that can harness alternative sources of energy. Magnetic energy generator is a serious threat to their business because it can provide more than what they offer for free. Although the negative comments exist they are nothing compared to positive response the product receives. It’s even been in the news time and time again.

History of Magnetic Energy Generator

This technology has been around for ages and it was discovered almost 100 years ago! Just now we start to introduce it to our society. Just check out the famous Maglev in Shanghai – the fastest train on the planet that uses magnets attraction and repulsion.

I will try to explain how this device really works in the simplest way. Magnets are set up in ways that create “perpetual motion” with produces energy. It produces more energy than the generator needs so the rest is transformed into electricity that power ups what we want.

Magnetic Energy Benefits

It’s a totally green energy. A device of this kind doesn’t produces any harmful gases or substances that could harm the earth. Here are some benefits of using magnetic energy:

  • Cheap – Building a generator is very cheap and you get running in under 24 hours
  • Small Size – Device is small and can fit into any household. It is also very portable, you can move very easily from point A to point B.
  • Ecological and totally safe – Magnetic energy doesn’t produce any harmful substances. The energy is renewable and infinite.
  • Maintenance free – You don’t need to look after it every day. Even if something breaks up it’s cheap to fix and you will know how since you had built it yourself.
  • Free Energy – The energy it creates is free you don’t need any raw materials or sources of power. You can forget about your power bill.

Magnetic Energy Generator - Green Energy

Magnetic Energy  Generator – Verdict

If you don’t want to spend your money on blueprints  there are some sites on internet that tell you how to build a generator for free. From my experience I found that Magniwork explained the process in a most simple and effective way. I also noticed that the Magniwork machine builds up a lot more electricity than other similar products; maybe that’s why the product has been so hot through all the years.

I had been using this product with impressive results; soon my whole household will be powered up. I give Magniwork 4 stars out of 5 just because they mislead you that it is a perpetual motion machine. Such machine would go against the laws of physics. This doesn’t not mean that the generator doesn’t work, it just means that you have to give it  a litte boost from time to time.

I encourage you to give it a try, if you find it unsatisfying just get your money back, the customer support is superb and it will be no questions asked. The product costs  49 dollars, but it is totally worth it . At least visit the sale site and read more about the subject, its 100% not a scam. The choice is yours but if you don’t get this you will be extremely disappointed you got nothing to lose and tons to gain.

Check it out here – Magnetic Energy Generator

P.S – I strongly believe that this product can change the world. If you use the link I provide it will help me sustain this website and domain, I really want this magnetic energy generator to spread.  Thank you for hearing me out if you got any questions contact me. Also all the link point to a discounted price I managed to get for you guys, normal price is something around 60$

P.S.S if you are more interested in different renewable energy resources than it can be better if you checked out home wind power, or even wind generators for sale.



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