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Magnetic energy – A way to obtain free energy

Alternative Renewable Sources – Wave, Solar and Magnetic Energy

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There are many renewable sources of energy, in this short article I would like to talk about wave, solar and magnetic energy. The favorite for many people is solar, so let’s start with that.

I think what makes solar so popular is the miss conception that it is unlimited, this is caused by media. The true is sadly contrary. The fact is that we may only live if the sun exists, and it will for a very long time.  That is the good part; the bad news is that at any given place the sun light received is very limited. In the long winter nights for some it might not even be accessible. This can even last for few months. The technology we have now is very useful, but only locally. The amount of electric energy which is generated by solar panels is not too good compared with the demand. All of this causes this energy alternative energy source to not be dependable. I am not saying that it is total crap, but as primary source of energy it would not accomplish its mission. Nonetheless it is very good as secondary source.

There were a lot of different installations to obtain wave energy. All I can say is that the results were very modest. There had been a lot of projects and the most important one was in Netherlands, the project was very early abandoned. Waves as source of power are not dependable. Producing good quantity of electricity from this source seems almost impossible. (If you know of some places that have this working please contact me)

I believe magnetic energy might be our future. With the technology we have, we are able to mass produce them for every household. Taking care of it could be easily done. The most amazing part is that it creates totally clean energy; no harmful substances. Also this device is totally safe. The process of installing it into every household would have to be slow, but with all that those big companies that have the patents it seems as it is almost impossible. The only way to get one is to build one by yourself and check out how much good it can cause. Read my story on the main page to see how it had changed my life.

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February 5th, 2011 at 2:46 am

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Magniwork and Perpetual Motion Device

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Perpetual Motion and Magnetic Generator

You are probably asking yourself if the famous Magnetic Generator is a perpetual motion device. I will have to burst that myth.  It was established by people who wanted to believe that a perpetual motion device has finally been constructed. There are still ongoing experiments and project that try to create a mechanism that would be a perpetual motion.

A perpetual motion device is a device that works infinitely. The basic concept is that it creates more energy than it needs to operate without using other sources of power. There are two main laws of physics that go against this kind of a device. They are called the first and second law of thermodynamics.  Sometimes people referee to a perpetual motion device when it complies both of these laws, but they use energy for obscure sources, like a clock or a magnetic energy generator.

Sadly a myth that magnetic energy generator indeed possess the characteristics of a perpetual motion is wrong. Anyone who tries to tell you that this generator is a perpetual motion device doesn’t really understand the concept behind this kind of gimmick.

Magnetic Generator to start needs a human interaction. For example when my generator from time to time stopped and I had to give it a little “boost”. This exercise became pretty annoying, when every day I had to remember about it. I actually installed a small battery 6V that gives it a small buzz when it slows down because of friction and gravity.

Just because a Magnetic Energy Generator is not a perpetual motion device doesn’t mean it is not working. Many people who decided to get one had a lot of success with it. It can easily sustain your household you just have to remember about maintenance. This ingenious device can change your lifestyle and even completely remove your power bill. Read my main story here

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January 25th, 2011 at 8:10 pm

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The Big Companies and the Solution

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Why is our life so depended on money? What can Magnetic Energy do for us?

There are many alternative energy sources. Sadly we still too heavily relay on gas and fossil fuels. We have so many new genius inventions. Recently we had discovered the  use of the  sun, wind, tides and geothermal energy to obtain power..  We started using it but it’s only around 16% of the word supply. The only place where renewable energy is really popular is Africa. I really think this is the impact big companies have on our everyday life.

It has become a habit in our society that money is power. We don’t care about how we could sustain our planet without destroying it. Most people don’t even look father than a week ahead. Will we leave all our problems to our children or even their children? What if by than it is too late? I really believe and hope we will act soon enough and change all the evil things that are happening right now. It is still not too late to make a difference.

Of course everyone can get solar panels or wind turbines now but just check out the costs of that machinery. I mean it is unreal; it really makes me angry to think that a stupid piece of paper can make our doom. Let’s steer a little bit from the electricity topic and look at our cars market. Had you seen those gas prices??!! What about electric cars that had already been invented. I already see myself reading comments: but Luke what about the batteries, or what about the mileage. We got the batteries that can go up to 600 miles and be refilled in just less than 5 minutes. Those neat cars even go 1-60 in under 6 seconds. Just search on it. I predict those projects will go live around 2025, when having a gasoline car stops being worth it to for the “big companies”

I’m really glad a magnetic energy generator is so simple to build and cheap. I wish you could just go to any hardware store and get one, but the reality is that you have to build it yourself. I think this could change our energy usage and make earth a better place. Green energy is here and it is time to get it into every household.

There are many thing wrong with nature. Human kind by it is abuse of earth can soon destroy it completely. The process from going from fossil fuels into the so called “green earth” is taking way to long. We don’t have time anymore; it is time to act now! Magnetic energy is the key until we can get another ingenious invention. Read my story on magnetic energy generators here.

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January 20th, 2011 at 3:46 pm

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Magnetic Energy Generator Benefits

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Benefits of Magnetic Energy Generator

Right now we are trying to find an environment friendly renewable energy that could change our world.  We only use around 8% of renewable energy the rest comes from: coal, nuclear energy, petroleum and natural gas. Changing this I think is the most important mission of our civilization.

One alternative is the magnetic energy generator. This device doesn’t need a specific weather or source of power to work like solar or wind. It is slowly growing in popularity among our society. If you still not sure about magnetic energy generator benefits you might reconsider after the list below:

1.      Renewable – it can transfers mechanical energy that it produces into electricity. It doesn’t need raw materials or specific weather like wind to work. If you want it can go all-around the clock.

2.      Resistant – A generator will operate in any weather, all conditions and every household.

3.      Cheap – Building a generator is pretty cheap. You can buy all the materials in your nearby hardware store. You can have your own magnetic energy generator running at your house in under 24hours.

4.      Free Energy – using magnetic energy generator you produce cost free energy. You can stop paying you power company.

5.      Ecological – This device doesn’t produce any fumes, diminish natural resources or create any harmful substances. This is very important, because basically we get are able to obtain free energy without destroying, polluting or hurting nothing and no one.

6.      Little maintenance – You don’t need to spend a lot of time taking care of the device. Even if something breaks up. It’s you who had built the generator and you can easily and cheaply fix it.

7.      Little size – You don’t need to build garage to keep this device, it’s very small, but remember the bigger you built it the more energy it will produce.

Those are only few of the magnetic energy generator benefits. Truly it has a lot more advantages and I’m a strong believer that this can change the world we live in right now.

With so many benefits and advantages it’s an easy choice, but it has to be your choice. Read my story on the main sit. You got nothing to lose and tons to gain

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January 16th, 2011 at 4:54 pm

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History of Magnetic Generators

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The history goes back to scientists like Einstein and Newton. These scientists were sure that magnetic energy could be used as an alternative source of power.

It is not the magnets that create the power, but the motion that we can obtain by using them (Perpetual motion). Basically it converts mechanical energy into electrical energy.

This technology was discovered almost 100 years ago. It just started to get noticed just now. All the patents were bought by big companies that want you to pay for power. Just make your own magnetic energy generator and forget about paying power bills.

Although the concept of the magnetic power generator is pretty old, recently it went through development to act as a reliable alternative method of generating energy. It is said that these magnetic generators are more efficient than other sources of generating power like solar or wind. The best thing about this kind of energy is that it doesn’t require fuel or specific weather to operate. We use magnets and thier specific proporties in our everyday life:
• Floppy disks and hard disk use a small magnetic coating to record data
• VHS tapes
• Bank cards like credit and debit
• Monitors and Television (that’s why it’s not a good idea to stick one on your screen)
• Speakers, microphones
• Transportation – Maglev
• Toys
• Science
• Electric motors and generators

and many other objects. Basicly we use magnets everyday without even noticeing. We can say out world is surrounded by magnetic energy.

Magnetic generator can be your own electricity source. Forget about those high electricity bills and help us make the 21st century what it is supposed to be.

Make sure to read my story at on the main site

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January 11th, 2011 at 12:26 pm

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Why the negative feedback on Magniworks?

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There are some blueprints on internet that will help you create a magnetic energy generator for free. I  warn you if you choose this way your generator might not be totally safe and it from what I tested many if not all of them don’t produce the same results as Magniwork generator.  It’s one of those things that make Magniwork so much more special. It has dominated the market for past 5 years!

It’s very hard to find a product in any market that has been on top for so long.  Magniwork has gotten some negative comments in the past, but the positive feedback is much, much, much larger. I also noticed that a lot of those comments came from people who never build a magnetic energy generator. I even tried contacting them by email to find out why they didn’t like it or why it “seemed” not to work. Guess what none of them ever get back to me. Maybe it’s those huge companies that don’t want you to find out about the reality of magnetic energy.

I mean come on, how the heck a product that is hottest selling in a market for 5 years be a scam. Also if you find it not satisfying Clickbank guarantees you your money back no questions asked.

You had most likely already read my story on the main page (f you didn’t go ahead). I hope your experience with magnetic energy generators will be as good as mine or even better.

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January 8th, 2011 at 2:03 pm

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How do magnetic energy generators work?

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If you are really skeptical about how do magnetic energy generators work there is tons of videos presenting the idea behind it. Just go on YouTube or search Google for it.

I will try to portray the basic concept behind obtaining this energy. Magnets of opposite or similar polarities are facing each other. Using this technique perpetual motion can be created by attraction and repulsion. This motion than is converted into energy and then electricity. The magnetic energy generators use a little of that energy to stay in motion the rest is yours and free.  A good example of similar method is used in the famous Maglev.

At first you can use it to run some small stuff like your pc or to charge your phone for example. Than you can even move up and have your whole house powered up.

The funny thing is that this technology was researched almost 100 years ago and now it’s starting to have an impact on our world. I strongly believe that magnetic energy is the way that we as humans can obtain infinite and renewable energy.

Make sure you read my story on the main page

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January 6th, 2011 at 1:04 am

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Is the magniwork a scam?

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That is what I thought at first. This cannot be for real it has to be a scam? If it was not all our population would be using magnetic energy and the world would be a fantastic place. I will unfortunately have to burst your bubble all the patents to generators like this are already bought by huge companies that want you to pay for energy. So the only way to get a generator is to build one.

A lot of sites are stating that this is a scam; I tried to contact those people to get more info – never got back from them. It was only around 40 bucks so I gave it a try + the two months back guarantee. I personally have to say this is not a scam. Magnetic energy can be obtained and it’s very easy.

Of course if you build your generator to be a size of a 5L water bottle it will not be able to sustain your whole house, but it will easily power up your pc or TV for example.

Also Magniworks is the hottest selling product in renewable energy market for the past five years! With so many satisfied costumers how come this so called “scam” could stay on top for this long?

Make sure you read my story on the main page

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January 6th, 2011 at 1:02 am

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