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Magnetic energy – A way to obtain free energy

History of Magnetic Generators

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The history goes back to scientists like Einstein and Newton. These scientists were sure that magnetic energy could be used as an alternative source of power.

It is not the magnets that create the power, but the motion that we can obtain by using them (Perpetual motion). Basically it converts mechanical energy into electrical energy.

This technology was discovered almost 100 years ago. It just started to get noticed just now. All the patents were bought by big companies that want you to pay for power. Just make your own magnetic energy generator and forget about paying power bills.

Although the concept of the magnetic power generator is pretty old, recently it went through development to act as a reliable alternative method of generating energy. It is said that these magnetic generators are more efficient than other sources of generating power like solar or wind. The best thing about this kind of energy is that it doesn’t require fuel or specific weather to operate. We use magnets and thier specific proporties in our everyday life:
• Floppy disks and hard disk use a small magnetic coating to record data
• VHS tapes
• Bank cards like credit and debit
• Monitors and Television (that’s why it’s not a good idea to stick one on your screen)
• Speakers, microphones
• Transportation – Maglev
• Toys
• Science
• Electric motors and generators

and many other objects. Basicly we use magnets everyday without even noticeing. We can say out world is surrounded by magnetic energy.

Magnetic generator can be your own electricity source. Forget about those high electricity bills and help us make the 21st century what it is supposed to be.

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