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The Big Companies and the Solution

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Why is our life so depended on money? What can Magnetic Energy do for us?

There are many alternative energy sources. Sadly we still too heavily relay on gas and fossil fuels. We have so many new genius inventions. Recently we had discovered the  use of the  sun, wind, tides and geothermal energy to obtain power..  We started using it but it’s only around 16% of the word supply. The only place where renewable energy is really popular is Africa. I really think this is the impact big companies have on our everyday life.

It has become a habit in our society that money is power. We don’t care about how we could sustain our planet without destroying it. Most people don’t even look father than a week ahead. Will we leave all our problems to our children or even their children? What if by than it is too late? I really believe and hope we will act soon enough and change all the evil things that are happening right now. It is still not too late to make a difference.

Of course everyone can get solar panels or wind turbines now but just check out the costs of that machinery. I mean it is unreal; it really makes me angry to think that a stupid piece of paper can make our doom. Let’s steer a little bit from the electricity topic and look at our cars market. Had you seen those gas prices??!! What about electric cars that had already been invented. I already see myself reading comments: but Luke what about the batteries, or what about the mileage. We got the batteries that can go up to 600 miles and be refilled in just less than 5 minutes. Those neat cars even go 1-60 in under 6 seconds. Just search on it. I predict those projects will go live around 2025, when having a gasoline car stops being worth it to for the “big companies”

I’m really glad a magnetic energy generator is so simple to build and cheap. I wish you could just go to any hardware store and get one, but the reality is that you have to build it yourself. I think this could change our energy usage and make earth a better place. Green energy is here and it is time to get it into every household.

There are many thing wrong with nature. Human kind by it is abuse of earth can soon destroy it completely. The process from going from fossil fuels into the so called “green earth” is taking way to long. We don’t have time anymore; it is time to act now! Magnetic energy is the key until we can get another ingenious invention. Read my story on magnetic energy generators here.

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January 20th, 2011 at 3:46 pm

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