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Magniwork and Perpetual Motion Device

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Perpetual Motion and Magnetic Generator

You are probably asking yourself if the famous Magnetic Generator is a perpetual motion device. I will have to burst that myth.  It was established by people who wanted to believe that a perpetual motion device has finally been constructed. There are still ongoing experiments and project that try to create a mechanism that would be a perpetual motion.

A perpetual motion device is a device that works infinitely. The basic concept is that it creates more energy than it needs to operate without using other sources of power. There are two main laws of physics that go against this kind of a device. They are called the first and second law of thermodynamics.  Sometimes people referee to a perpetual motion device when it complies both of these laws, but they use energy for obscure sources, like a clock or a magnetic energy generator.

Sadly a myth that magnetic energy generator indeed possess the characteristics of a perpetual motion is wrong. Anyone who tries to tell you that this generator is a perpetual motion device doesn’t really understand the concept behind this kind of gimmick.

Magnetic Generator to start needs a human interaction. For example when my generator from time to time stopped and I had to give it a little “boost”. This exercise became pretty annoying, when every day I had to remember about it. I actually installed a small battery 6V that gives it a small buzz when it slows down because of friction and gravity.

Just because a Magnetic Energy Generator is not a perpetual motion device doesn’t mean it is not working. Many people who decided to get one had a lot of success with it. It can easily sustain your household you just have to remember about maintenance. This ingenious device can change your lifestyle and even completely remove your power bill. Read my main story here

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January 25th, 2011 at 8:10 pm

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