History of Magnetic Energy Generator

This technology has been around for ages and it was discovered almost 100 years ago! Just now we start to introduce it to our society. Just check out the famous Maglev in Shanghai – the fastest train on the planet that uses magnets attraction and repulsion.

I will try to explain how this device really works in the simplest way. Magnets are set up in ways that create “perpetual motion” with produces energy. It produces more energy than the generator needs so the rest is transformed into electricity that power ups what we want.
Magnetic Energy Benefits

It’s a totally green energy. A device of this kind doesn’t produces any harmful gases or substances that could harm the earth. Here are some benefits of using magnetic energy:

  • Cheap – Building a generator is very cheap and you get running in under 24 hours
  • Small Size – Device is small and can fit into any household. It is also very portable, you can move very easily from point A to point B.
  • Ecological and totally safe – Magnetic energy doesn’t produce any harmful substances. The energy is renewable and infinite.
  • Maintenance free – You don’t need to look after it every day. Even if something breaks up it’s cheap to fix and you will know how since you had built it yourself.
  • Free Energy – The energy it creates is free you don’t need any raw materials or sources of power. You can forget about your power bill.

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